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24 april

To promote your product(s), you make phone calls to your prospects. You want to send your digital version of the company/ product brochure to prospects that would like to receive more information. After finishing the conversation with an interested prospect, you start composing an email with a catchy text to support the brochure you want to send. So far so good but for a lot of companies this stills means: opening your email, copying the text into the email-editor, adjust it a little bit, don't forget adding the brochure, and completing this by sending the email.

In this workflow you have to options: 1. Sending an email after every call, and repeat the actions of copying, attaching and sending it, or 2. you gather all the addresses and names while calling and send them by the end of the day. In which case, after talking to many people, the personal part of the note is probably long forgotten. Both situations are not very effective. Either you disrupt the process of calling or you miss the personal touch in your writing. 

To overcome these issues we have developed a method to send brochures with a personalized email text directly from JBA CRM! It works likes this: In the CRM you change the contacts status to ‘New lead’. While saving the contact details a pop-up will appear with a template text including labels with the customer name, your signature and a brochure attached to it. You can make some (personalized) changes to the text and click on send.

We think it's an easy choice, one click or 3 to 4 minutes working on an email instead of talking to prospects...


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