Sending a newsletter from JBA CRM with Acymailing

and to give your customers a good "customer experience".

In the newsletter you can refer to Joomla articles in which you integrate your Catalogue products. Therefore, besides of all the advantages of a sending a newsletter from your website, you also save a lot of time because of the integration between the newsletter and the articles. If you make adjustments in the content, then the adjustment will also be available in the other elements. So you don't have to adjust the changes in multiple components; the benefits of Single Point of Information.

Last but not least: it's very easy to track and trace the reading behavior of the customers.

To summarize JBA CRM:
1. The management of relationships/newsletters becomes easy
2. The CRM user saves a lot of time while informing customers about their products
3. Contacts and Leads can be connected to one or more newsletters with one click
4. In the contact details the newsletters can be managed
5. Actions from a newsletter can be monitored with the JBA CRM campaign function

Log on and log off by customers is through the website.


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